Accelerating Sustainability

With location intelligence & machine learning

For investors and corporations alike, the ability to leverage the latest in machine learning and location intelligence technologies is crucial to future success. Together, they offer the ability to drive strategic objectives for your Sustainable Development Goals and Environmental Social and Govenance metrics: not to mention climate change impact on assets, facilities, supply chains and people over the next five to 50 years.

By understanding how, climate change, population growth and built environment evolution will impact performance, you become truly ready for the future. It is biodiversity impact made easy, for both investors and corporations.

Map with cogs showing platform

Join the machine learning

We are working with our technology partners and a number of our corporate clients on this update to the CadDo platform, if you would like to learn more, receive updates or contribute please sign up here…


CadDo Engine

CadDo’s cloud-based calculation engine has the power and capabilities to model data across numerous sources and categories, encompassing carbon emission, water usage, processes, financial transactions, customer and trade policy; individual investors, as well as funds and corporations to drive decisions with sustainability at their core.