The CadDo Platform

Connecting data to create concentrated intelligence

By its very nature, Big Data is both disparate and unwieldy. CadDo’s cloud platform is therefore designed to manage, define and connect data: transforming it into concentrated, actionable intelligence.

It connects data in such a way that every discrete element can be clearly understood. A fact that holds true whether the data refers to a core business activity, an SDG/ESG theme or metric, or even an individual transaction.

It does so by defining and modelling metadata and transactional data relationships to create a manageable way to derive valuable insights. Just as importantly, it ensures that all data remains current and compliant with every legislative change.

The heart of the CadDo solution is our own SQL Calculation engine, which handles all business rules and logic in native SQL and source-controlled Python and R scripts. With our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) functionality, CadDo enables data integration from any source, thus doing away with the need for unmanageable scripts and Excel files.

Thanks to the rigour with which our solution has been developed, and the effectiveness with which it meets the needs of our customers, we are proud to have been chosen by Microsoft as one of their “Preferred Solutions”.


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​The Technology That Underpins CadDo

CadDo runs on Microsoft Azure, and is fully ISO/SOC compliant.

This enables all of our clients to benefit from CadDo’s on-going application investment as well as future advances in Microsoft Azure.

CadDo is an end-to-end solution, offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, with REST API integration available to enterprise clients and business partners.

Data Science Approach

Our scalable platform combines software, services and Microsoft tools across our five-stage process. Run in the cloud or on-premise, and calibrated to meet your business requirements across discrete data solutions.



Your data is uploaded and audited by our data science specialists, enabling:
  • Seamless Integration: No matter where or how your data is stored, our data science and dev teams work with you to determine the data format, relevant fields and frequency.
  • Simple Data Collation: Your data is collated into a single source of uniform raw data ready for quality assessment and enrichment.


Raw data is transformed into clean, lean, machinable data.
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Data is machined through your bespoke CadDo model, designed to uncover obscured information and reveal actionable insights beyond the capabilities of conventional software applications.


Analysis and integrated commentary and chat is available 24X7 through Microsoft Power BI empowering your team to make channel decisions.


Just as importantly, our solutions are constantly developing to make them as flexible, accurate, and valuable to your business as possible.
How to get started

What’s Included with every CadDo Solution?

  • Full hosting, if required, with CadDo providing all the technology, management & support. If preferred, CadDo can also be installed on-premise also, with the same features and capabilities
  • Ability to purchase directly in Microsoft’s AppSource against your Azure tenant where we have been selected as a Preferred Solution. Purchases count towards any Azure consumption commitments
  • Full customisation based on your changing needs & requirements
  • Adaptability, enabling new features to be added quickly (days/weeks, not months)
  • Fully scalable – the solution will grow and develop with you
  • Usage of the CadDo Collect functionality, to enable online data-entry to a wide group of data providers
  • Fully customisable reports, using Power BI or other BI tools such as Tableau or Qlik with an option of CadDo doing all development work
  • Options to incorporate inline commentary and discussions into the reports themselves, enabling collaboration and enhanced insights
  • Capabilities to integrate predictive analytics and scenario modelling
  • All reporting fed from Analysis Services for enterprise scale, resiliency and centralisation of logic
  • Access to a full training and documentation library, including online video tutorials

What If I Already Have a Costing/Profitability Solution?

The CadDo solution was developed to be not only forward-looking in its capabilities, but also to act as a 21st Century replacement for some of the world’s most common Activity Based Costing (ABC) tools. These include solutions such as Ignite Technologies’ Acorn EPS and PA5G, Oracle Hyperion, SAP PCM, SAS and CostPerform. CadDo is built specifically for today’s cloud computing environments and is underpinned by our relationship with Microsoft and their Azure platform. With this in mind, we have automated our migration tools to enable a truly ‘lift-and-shift’ approach from existing models, whereby all of your logic and data is migrated automatically.

Our approach is extremely simple:

  • You securely send us back-ups of your databases and reporting cubes
  • We run our migration tools to copy all logic and data to CadDo Calculate, and perform a full reconciliation to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Within 2-3 weeks you start using the CadDo solution, by simply repointing all existing reports
  • We support you on an ongoing basis, either as a managed service or by training your existing team on the new solution
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