The Science Behind the Insights

CadDo connects data and performs complex integrations in the Cloud. It therefore has the calculating power to transform and align data structure and content, turning every task into a fully managed, automated workflow.

To put it another way, CadDo is a cloud service for Complex Financial and ESG Calculations, providing a central repository for the calculations that drive business and investment insights.

ESG for Financial Services

The CadDo platform provides an investment-grade ESG index score right out of the box, with an on-boarding process that is fully remote and non-invasive. Importantly, this score is based on your own, raw ESG data but aligned through to frameworks for ESG reporting.

This is seamlessly combined with any other relevant index or measure to create a truly holistic view that encompasses live reporting, visualisations and scenario analysis.

Actionable Metrics for Corporations

The CadDo platform collects data at the transactional level from any number of disparate data sources, including customer SKUs, activities, processes, locations, people, carbon emissions and water usage. It then has the power to calculate metrics from these discrete data sets and make the resulting insights available in an easy to use format that helps inform cost management decisions and drives profitability.

Such granular analysis of planning and reporting cycles also enables better understanding and control of Customer Investment, Revenue Management and Waste Elimination.