The Science Behind the Insights

CadDo connects data and performs complex integrations in the Cloud. It therefore has the calculating power to transform and align data structure and content, turning every task into a fully managed, automated workflow.

To put it another way, CadDo is a cloud service for Complex Financial and ESG Calculations, providing a central repository for the calculations that drive business and investment insights.

Because decision support is about more than analytics. CadDo’s platform is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make optimal decisions, with a dedicated solution for every sector.

Solutions for Financial Services

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data is no longer an afterthought for investors. CadDo delivers investment-grade data for Financial Institutions that demand accurate, credible and comparable ESG and SDG metrics. These inform investment decisions, increase transparency, ensure compliance and reduce risk: enabling a truly holistic view of every investment.

Crucially, these ESG insights are delivered in real time, enabling asset managers, pension providers and corporates to minimise risk within the financial performance of every asset.

ESG Analysis for Investment Decisions

ESG and SDG Client Reporting

ESG Compliance and Actionables

Solutions For Supply Chain

Identifying areas for optimisation in a complex supply chain is hard. CadDo’s solutions overcome complexity, to provide actionable costing, utilisation and performance metrics across the entire business operation, to enable effective management and ongoing improvements.

Supply Chain Cost Analysis


Supply chain shelves in warehouse
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Solutions For Commercial and Sales

From distributor management to eCommerce transparency, commercial and sales functions are beset by complexity. CadDo offers a suite of solutions for financial, operational and promotional data. These deliver holistic information to commercial and sales teams that informs negotiations, planning and effective delivery against strategic objectives, to help drive profitable long-term growth.

Category Management

Customer Investment Insights

Distributor Management

eCommerce Insights

Sales Channel Management

Solutions For Office of Finance

High-level cost and resource data can be hard to connect with everyday operational metrics. CadDo’s solutions connect and deliver actionable costing, utilisation and performance metrics across every aspect of your business operations, to enable more effective management and consistent improvements.

Activity Based Costing

Automotive Margin Management

Medical Laboratory Costing

ESG Reporting For Corporates

Finance graph on paper