The Science Behind
the Insights

CadDo connects data and performs complex integrations in the Cloud. It has the calculating power to transform and align data structure and content, turning every task into a fully managed, automated workflow.

A cloud service for Complex Financial and ESG Calculations, providing a central repository for the calculations that drive insights.

ESG for Financial Services

The CadDo platform provides an investment-grade ESG index score right out of the box. This is seamlessly combined with any other index or measure to create a truly holistic view. Everything from institutional holdings by portfolio through to individual investor can be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value on a real time basis for ESG and financial performance. This means that at any given point you can report – in real time – on the entire institutional fund value and ESG score for funds under management, individual fund values or ESG scores by individual investor.

Actionable Metrics
for Corporations

The platform collects data at the transactional level – such as customer SKUs, activities, processes, locations, people, carbon emissions and water usage – to calculate metrics and make insights available in real time. Granular analysis for planning and reporting cycles drive Customer Investment, Revenue Management and Waste Elimination. Just as crucially, the reports and metrics it creates are easy on the eye, presented in a clear easy to understand user friendly format.