The CadDo Customer Investment Insights Solution

Bringing Clarity to Customer Investments

Trade discounts, promotions and advertising campaigns are all big-ticket items on the P&L, but understanding their impact at a customer level is incredibly complex. So when it comes to investment decisions, customers are holding all the cards. That’s because they can see exactly what they’re getting, while your business may struggle to achieve an aggregated view of financial impact by customer, product and channel. CadDo’s Customer Investment Insights solution has the power to pull all this data together, providing the insights that allow commercial teams to negotiate more effectively and marketing teams to prioritise spend.

CadDo Dashboard on screen

Informing Customer Investment Decisions

With so many disparate and discrete data sources, understanding customer investment is highly complex. The CadDo platform overcomes this by collecting and connecting data from multiple data sources and systems. This data will include customers, categories, the different types of spend and more besides, enabling you to fully understand the impact of customer investment activity:

  • Curated and connected data
    All data is curated and connected to provide an aggregated view by customer, product, category and channel.
  • Metrics that are made to measure
    The CadDo Customer Investment Insights solution has the power to calculate metrics from multiple data sets and make the resulting insights available in an easy to use format that helps inform investment decisions, drives profitability and enables market penetration.
  • Data that informs decisions
    This connected data is designed to feed the sales and marketing cycles, enabling commercial teams to make better decisions. These processes can also be augmented by:
    • Predictive analysis
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Scenario modelling
    • Lifetime-value analysis
  • Information that is accessible
    For insights to be actionable, they need to be clearly understandable. So, the CadDo Customer Investment Insights solution presents them in a clear format that is not only a single source of truth, but also one that provides reporting customised by teams.

Improved investment decision-making is about more than just analytics. CadDo’s platform is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make the best possible decisions.

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