The CadDo Distributor Management Solution

Enabling Understanding of Distributors

While distributors are often an essential route to market, they can create an unwelcome deficit in customer data. That’s because using distributors puts you one step away from end users. At the same time, lack of transparency in distributor relationships can put you at a disadvantage when you want to engage in meaningful commercial conversations. CadDo’s Distributor Management solution is designed to help you collect and connect all the available data. This enables you to create proxy P&Ls for distribution partners that feed into commercial discussions and allow you to take marketing decisions from a position of knowledge.

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Bringing Clarity To Distributor Data

Distributor networks don’t just come between you and consumers, they also separate you from some of the data sources you need to inform decision-making. The CadDo platform enables a rules-based approach to be developed, where disparate and incomplete data sources can collected and connected. This enables clarity and coherence, as it creates a holistic overview that informs your internal decision-making processes.

  • Data that is curated and connected
    Regardless of the data source, everything is connected to create a single, integrated view of each distribution channel.
  • Metrics that make sense
    The CadDo Distributor Management solution can calculate metrics and create proxy P&Ls from disparate and discrete data sets, with the results available in an easy-to-use format that helps inform commercial discussions.
  • Making decisions data-driven
    This joined-up approach to data feeds distributor management and commercial cycles, enabling finance and commercial teams to make better decisions, driven by hard facts, and augmented with:
    • Predictive analysis
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Scenario modelling
    • Lifetime-value analysis

  • Enabling Actionable Insights
    Insights are only actionable when your teams understand them. That’s why the CadDo Distributor Management solution reports are easy on the eye and easy to absorb. This makes them a single source of truth for your organisation that also provides customised reporting by teams.
Decision support for distributors takes more than just analytics. CadDo’s platform is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make better data-driven decisions.

What’s Included with CadDo’s Distributor Management solution?

The CadDo Distributor Management solution is available to purchase in Microsoft’s AppSource against your Azure tenant, where we have been selected as a Preferred Solution. This turnkey solution means:

  • CadDo hosts everything, with all technology, management & support included
  • Customised for you from the outset
  • Fully customisable thereafter, to meet evolving needs
  • Easily adapted, enabling new features to be added at pace
  • Fully scalable, to grow as fast as your distributor network sales
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How to access CadDo’s Distributor Management solution

  • Decide on the extent of IT support from your team. We can handle everything if required
  • Send your raw data over to us: there’s no need for custom data extracts
  • Fulfil fresh requirements with ease, because we don’t require functional specs
  • Stay focused on working with distributors, we’ll take care of the data that matters