The CadDo Sales Channel Management Solution

Taking the Mystery out of Channel Management

While many businesses split their activities by channel, supporting channel managers with the right data is a constant challenge. That’s because while discounting, promotions, advertising and logistics are all big ticket items on the P&L, understanding their impact at a channel level is incredibly complex. That’s why the CadDo Sales Channel Management solution is designed to pull data together from a range of disparate sources, even when they reside in different systems and use different definitions. In doing so, it provides holistic and channel-centric data that enables every channel manager to not only see the big picture, but also to prioritise their own activities.

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Channelling Data-Driven Insights

The plethora of data-sources, systems and definitions at large in today’s business environment makes the impact of discrete channel management activities hard to assess. The CadDo platform solves this problem by collecting and connecting data from any number of data sources and systems, across multiple channels, customers, categories, spend types and more besides. This offers you:

  • Curated and connected data
    This means creating a single integrated view of each channel, and the customers and category within.
  • Metrics that are made to measure
    CadDo’s Sales Channel Management solution has the power to connect and calculate metrics from disparate data sets and display the resulting insights in an easy to use format.
  • Channel your decision-making
    This connected data informs channel management cycles, enabling commercial, sales and marketing teams to make better decisions. These processes become driven by hard data, augmented by:
    • Predictive and trend analysis
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Scenario modelling
    • Lifetime-value analysis
  • Accessible and Actionable
    CadDo reports aren’t just easy on the eye, they are also presented in a clear, easy to understand format. This makes them a single source of actionable insights for your organisation, and one that supports decision-making at the channel level.
Decision support at the channel level takes more than just analytics. So, the CadDo Sales Channel Management solution is augmented by specialist services to empower your channel managers to make the best possible decisions.
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