Actionable Metrics for Corporations

The CadDo platform collects data at the transactional level from any number of disparate data sources, including customer SKUs, activities, processes, locations, people, carbon emissions and water usage. It then has the power to calculate metrics from these discrete data sets and make the resulting insights available in an easy to use format that helps inform cost management decisions and drives profitability.

Such granular analysis of planning and reporting cycles also enables better understanding and control of Customer Investment, Revenue Management and Waste Elimination.

Just as crucially, the reports and metrics CadDo creates are easy on the eye and the brain, as they are presented in a clear, easy to understand format.

This makes them not only a single source of truth for your organisation, but also a source that provides customised reporting by teams, to enable truly actionable insights.

What’s Included

  • Fully hosted. CadDo will provide all the technology, management & support
  • Able to purchase directly in the Azure Marketplace against your Azure tenant
  • Fully customisable based on your changing needs & requirements
  • Adaptive, enabling new features to be added quickly (days/weeks, not months)
  • Fully scalable – the solution will grow and develop with you
  • Initial set of standard reports which can be fully customised inline with your requirements, with CadDo doing all development work

What Do I Need to Do

  • Send raw data as-is: no need to develop custom data extracts
  • Your IT team can play as big or small a part as desired, from day-1 and into operational running
  • Provide new requirements in a flexible way (mock-ups, drawings etc.): no functional specs!
  • You focus on your business requirements, we do the rest