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Futureproof your Portfolio Performance with ESG insights

The significant market turbulence over the last decade has led people to consider more fully the structural issues of any company they either invest in, work for or buy from. Fossil fuel corporations have had billions slashed from their balance sheets, invariably leading to significant reductions in their celebrated dividend payments. This means that the direct correlation between ESG and the subsequent risks that companies are exposed to is no longer in question.

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Create value from your Sustainability Data Set

The CadDo platform helps increase asset value by highlighting ESG risks, facilitating consequential actions to become more robust, and enabling best practice by benchmarking against the market. This seamless consolidation of multiple ESG data sources provides deeper insight and uniform comparability across the portfolio, which is aligned to your business’s approach to performance and risk. This enables you to:

  • Disclose and ideally leverage your sustainability credentials to both investment managers and consumers in line with the evolving investor and stakeholder expectations and changing regulatory frameworks
    CadDo’s cloud platform is a streamlined solution for both Compliance-Driven Investment Analytics and integrated reporting. Achieve your transparency and accountability objectives, whilst meeting the needs of your customers with accurate reporting of your portfolio’s governance, as well as its environmental and social performance.
  • Close the ESG gap, and reconcile what’s reported from all your data sources
    With CadDo, you can enable internal and client streamlined reporting, for all levels of management. Your company’s sustainability report, the non-financial section of your annual report, or integrated reports are managed in one centralised platform, with data collection from any source system to report distribution.
  • Provide the sustainability credentials that Generation Z considers when making purchasing decisions
    Sustainability policies and performance have become as important as market fundamentals, to executives, investors and consumers. The introduction of a standard and transparent method of measuring ESG scores enables Actionable Insights and facilitates benchmarking against your peers, lets you monitor and manage your sustainability initiatives, tracks water, waste and carbon back to your products, services, customers and assets.
The CadDo solution allows portfolios to be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value for ESG and financial performance. Just as importantly, it enables you to focus on – and provide full transparency of – all the crucial risk and compliance elements.
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