The CadDo Activity Based Costing Solution

Delivering Actionable Data for Corporations

Many modern organisations are incredibly complex, with a plethora of fast-moving and interconnected parts that ultimately affect profitability. Yet most cost and resource data is high-level and disconnected from these day-to-day realities. This makes it almost impossible to fully understand and accurately evaluate costs across the broader business. CadDo’s Activity Based Costing solution delivers detailed insights into the cost base, enabling fact-based decisions to be made that deliver immediate optimisations and inform future improvements.

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Connecting Data to Drive Opportunities

It’s the multiplicity of data sources across the cost base that makes simple analysis such an enormous challenge. The CadDo platform solves this issue by collecting data at the transactional level from any number of disparate data sources and systems, including ERP, WMS and TMS. Even though this data will typically include customers, SKUs, activities, warehouses and off-system data such as standard times and efforts to perform different business activities, CadDo has the power to connect it together in order to establish true cost-to-serve metrics:

  • Collected and connected data
    Every essential piece of data is curated to establish a single, integrated view.
  • Metrics made easy to read
    However discrete and disparate these data sets, CadDo’s Activity Based Costing solution has the power to calculate metrics and make the resulting insights available in a simple dashboard that helps inform every cost management decision.
  • Identifiable improvements
    Granularity of data delivers a clear understanding the effort and resources taken to produce each business activity and product. Operational processes then become data-driven by augmenting with:
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Predictive analysis
    • Scenario modelling
  • Accessible information
    Data has to be digestible before it can be actionable. So the reports and metrics CadDo creates are presented in a clear, easy to understand format. This makes them a single source of truth for your organisation, and enables customised reporting by teams.
Decision support is about more than just analytics. That’s why CadDo’s powerful Activity Based Costing solution is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make optimal decisions.
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