The CadDo Automotive Operating Margin Management Solution

Driving Absolute Understanding

Margins have been tightening for almost every carmaker in recent times. Many of the factors behind this – such as increasing trade tensions and political uncertainty – are beyond your control. That makes it more important than ever for you to understand all of the factors you actually can control. CadDo’s Automotive Margin Management solution connects data from multiple and often disparate sources, enabling you to understand all the drivers of Margin.

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Shining light onto Margin data

The CadDo platform collects data from any number of sources and systems, from your ERP to dealer management systems. This data includes dealerships, vehicles, locations, discrete types of cost, components and more besides. Yet despite the complexity of this data and metadata, CadDo pulls it all together to deliver the actionable insights you need:

  • Curated and connected data
    Every fact and figure is clear and relevant: offering a single integrated view of each VIN/chassis, by location and vehicle type, dealership and option.
  • Metrics as needed
    Our Margin Manager has the power to calculate metrics from these discrete data sets and make the resulting insights available in a clear, easy-to-use format that helps inform commercial and operational decisions.
  • Data-driven decision-making
    This connected data feeds into your planning, commercial and operational processes, enabling teams to make better decisions. These processes are now driven by the facts, and augmented with:
    • Benchmarks
    • Predictive analysis
    • Modelling and simulation tools
  • Accessible information
    The reports and metrics CadDo creates are easy on the eye and the brain, as they are presented in a clear, easy to understand format. This makes them not only a single source of truth for your organisation, but also a source that provides customised reporting by teams, to enable truly actionable insights.
Decision support is about more than just analytics. That’s why CadDo’s platform is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make optimal decisions.
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