The CadDo Medical Laboratory Costing Solution

Taking cost analytics into a testing environment

Laboratory costs are now under the microscope more than ever before, thanks in no small part to the Covid-19 crisis. Yet these aren’t the only pressures facing medical laboratories. Increased competition, stringent transparency requirements, limited visibility of capacity utilisation and the need to work at scale and at pace all add to the complexities of managing cost. With all of these factors in play, you need the absolute visibility of costs and profitability offered by CadDo’s Laboratory Costing Solution.

Lab Costing on Screen
Laptop and calculations

Bringing absolute clarity to Lab Costs Data

With so many variables to consider, lab costing is highly complex. Yet understanding it is the key to controlling transfer pricing, external pricing and budget setting. The CadDo platform overcomes this complexity by collecting and connecting data from numerous discrete data sources. This data can include processes, locations, categories, different types of spend and much more besides. CadDo then pulls it all together to deliver the actionable insights you need, with:

  • Curated, connected and clear data
    All of the essential data is curated and connected, providing you with a single integrated view of each process, location and test.
  • Metrics made to measure
    The CadDo Lab Costing Solution has the power to calculate metrics from selected data sets and then display these insights in an easily readable format to help inform pricing and operational decisions.
  • Better decisions: data-driven
    The beauty of this connected data is that it enables better decisions at a planning and operational level. These actionable insights are also augmented by:
    • Benchmarks
    • Predictive analysis
    • Modelling and simulation tools
  • Information made accessible
    While the reports and metrics that CadDo creates offer all the depth you need, they are presented in a clear and easy to absorb format. This makes them a single source of truth for your organisation, and also a source that provides customised reporting by teams.
CadDo’s Laboratory Costing Solution is augmented by a range of specialist services to empower your team to make the best possible decisions.
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How it works