ESG for Financial Services

The CadDo platform provides an investment-grade ESG index score right out of the box, with an on-boarding process that is fully remote and non-invasive. Importantly, this score is based on your own, raw ESG data but aligned through to frameworks for ESG reporting.

This is seamlessly combined with any other relevant index or measure to create a truly holistic view that encompasses live reporting, visualisations and scenario analysis. Crucially, your own rules determine the scoring mechanism, and the CadDo system is constantly updating, to ensure that reporting is always made in real time.

Everything from institutional holdings by portfolio through to individual investor can be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value on a real time basis for ESG and financial performance. This means that at any given point you can report on the entire institutional fund value and ESG score for funds under management, individual fund values or ESG scores by individual investor.

What’s Included

  • Fully hosted. CadDo will provide all the technology, management & support
  • Able to purchase directly in the Azure Marketplace against your Azure tenant where we have been selected by Microsoft as a “Preferred Solution
  • Fully customisable based on your changing needs & requirements
  • Adaptive, enabling new features to be added quickly (days/weeks, not months)
  • Fully scalable – the solution will grow and develop with you
  • Initial set of standard reports which can be fully customised inline with your Marketing team’s requirements, with CadDo doing all development work

What Do I Need to Do

  • Send raw data as-is: no need to develop custom data extracts
  • Your IT team can play as big or small a part as desired, from day-1 and into operational running
  • Provide new requirements in a flexible way (mock-ups, drawings etc.): no functional specs!
  • You focus on your business requirements, we do the rest