The CadDo Supply Chain Cost Analysis Solution

Supplying Actionable Metrics for Corporations

Modern supply chains are complex, and all the easy optimisations have already been found. With limited levers to pull, and incomplete data blocking your way, how do you make the next round of improvements that are being asked of you? CadDo’s Supply Chain Solution delivers detailed insights into your cost base and drivers, enabling you to not only make proactive improvements, but also to model the tools that will inform your future decision-making.

Profitability dashboard on screen

Solve the data problem, supply new opportunities

The CadDo platform collects data at the transactional level from any number of data sources and systems including ERP, WMS and TMS. This complex array of data will include customers, SKUs, activities, processes, warehouses and more. Yet despite the disparity of the sources, CadDo pulls it together to create actionable insights:

  • Collected and connected data
    Enjoy a single, integrated view created from joined-up data sets
  • Metrics on demand
    CadDo calculates metrics from these discrete data sets and makes the resulting insights available in an easy to use format that helps inform cost management decisions and drive profitability
  • Identifiable improvements
    Granular data enables you to make improvements by truly understanding the cost-to-serve. Operational processes can then become data-driven by augmenting them with:
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Predictive analysis
    • Scenario modelling
  • Digestible Data
    The reports CadDo creates are presented in a clear, easy to follow format. This makes them a single source of truth that can be customised by teams and enables actionable insights for everyone.
CadDo’s Supply Chain Solution is supplemented by specialist services to empower optimal decisions for Supply Chain Management. After all, decision support is about more than just analytics.
CadDo screen on laptop
Mobile view of Supply Chain Cost Analysis Data