The CadDo Cost-to-Serve Solution

Total Cost-to-Serve Visibility for Corporations

Having an accurate understanding of cost-to-serve is crucial to many businesses. Yet being able to allocate fixed and variable costs at a variety of levels throughout the supply chain is a massively complex undertaking, especially when you have a large cost base to manage. That’s why CadDo’s Cost-to-Serve solution is designed to deliver detailed insights into every cost driver, extrapolating complex and disparate data and turning it into clear and actionable insights. By doing so it not only enables proactive improvements, but also enhances the modelling you need to inform future decision-making.

Sustainable Profitability on Screen

Connect the data, confirm the costs.

Large cost bases and complex supply chains make cost-to-serve calculations complex and often unreliable. That’s because there are many disparate data sources that need to be captured, allocated and understood. The CadDo platform collects data at the transactional level from any number of data sources and systems. This data may include customers, SKUs, activities, warehouses, as well as off-system data such as standard times to perform different business activities. More importantly, CadDo collates this information to make it a clear and credible source of knowledge:

  • Collated and connected data
    All essential data is curated to deliver a single, integrated view of cost-to-serve.
  • Metrics made easy
    Regardless of the number of cost categories involved, CadDo has the power to calculate reliable metrics from these disparate data sources, and display the resulting insights in a clear format that helps inform your cost management decisions.
  • Information that informs improvements
    The granularity of the data means a better understanding of cost-to-serve at every level, enabling operational processes to become data-driven by augmentation with:
    • Modelling and simulation tools
    • Predictive analysis
    • Scenario modelling
  • Insights that are easy to absorb
    The CadDo Cost-to-Serve reports are displayed in a clear and easy to read format that creates not only a single source of truth for your organisation, but one that provides customised reporting by teams, to enable truly actionable insights.
It takes more than just analytics to inform better decisions. CadDo’s Cost-to-Serve solution is augmented by specialist services to empower your team to make optimal decisions every day.
Laptop view to view Cost to Serve Solutions Data
Tablet view of Cost to Serve Solutions