Concentrated Intelligence

Actionable insights in the age of Coronavirus

In a post-lockdown world, the challenge for business is to make decisions based on changing circumstances within minutes, not hours or days. Until now, such immediate and intelligent analysis of Big Data was beyond the resources and capabilities of most organisations.

That has all been changed by CadDo: a turnkey cloud solution that transforms Big Data into Concentrated Intelligence: concise, clear and actionable.

Whether you are a corporation seeking greater profitability and sustainability, or an investor looking for ESG and SDG information to inform responsible investment decisions in these difficult times, CadDo delivers the metrics you need.

Demonstrable Value
We Can Demonstrate Today

Coronavirus has made our world more challenging than ever, meaning that the need for immediately actionable business data has never been greater.

Request your Free Demo today to learn how CadDo not only automates data integration from any source, but how it also models that data at scale and pace to make your every business decision better informed.

A Platform that is
Built to Perform

The CadDo SaaS platform features an end-to-end Microsoft stack, running on Microsoft Azure, with the heart of the engine being SQL Server. This enables us to run our own, proprietary SQL Calculation engine, which is fully configurable from a web front-end, to enable lightning-quick calculations. Importantly, this handles all business rules and logic in native SQL and source-controlled Python and R scripts. CadDo enables data integration from any and all source systems, not to forget providing impressive reporting capabilities courtesy of Power BI.

CadDo is an appointed Microsoft Azure Marketplace Partner, and the solution is available to Microsoft’s global markets with the ability to buy through Microsoft’s existing client procurement agreements. We are now also proud to have been chosen by Microsoft as a “Preferred Solution”.

Investment-Grade Metrics for
Financial Institutions

You need accurate ESG and SDG metrics to inform investment decisions. Yet, until now, such data has been hard to obtain and interpret. CadDo provides ESG and SDG metrics that are as clear, credible and comparable as any financial report, enabling you to take a holistic view of every investment.

Sustainable Profitability for
Corporate Entities

Businesses have always focused on profits, and cost management. So the CadDo solution delivers knowledge and insights to enable that by modelling your business at the transactional level. But Sustainability and Cost Management are now inextricably linked to Profitability; so it’s essential to bring these things together. That’s why CadDo helps you model your business to ensure you have the ability to stay ahead.

We believe it is our responsibility to take care of our planet for future generations.
We’ve been Carbon Neutral since our foundation, and so’s our entire team…


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